Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ronaldo Leaves United in Tears

As Manchester United wave goodbye to Ronaldo why not get over the sad news and get away for a weekend break at Happy Guests Lodge near Warrington just 30 minutes drive from Old Trafford and a great place to stay!

Happy Guests??

As we never stop saying our aims are simple - to "Make our Guests Happy!" and looking at our reviews on sites such as & Laterooms, as well as our own site it would seem we are doing OK. Indeed I recently compared our Guest satisfaction ratings with the four big FOUR STAR Hotels in Warrington and ours was higher! So our Guests are getting a Four Star service for a One Star price!!
But hey there are some Guests you just cannot please no matter what you do and one is liable to check in at any time and write the review from hell - for no reason other then possibly they enjoy the power-kick of trashing you - I have seen it so beware.
When you are looking at reviews from any hotel always look for trends if one Guests said the staff were unhelpfull and all the rest say they were great then the problem is almost ceratinly with the reviewer and not the hotel!
So we work hard every day to keep our Guests Happy - but we are not perfect and sometimes we get it wrong and if we do, we go out of our way to make it right and ensure our Guests can "Stay Happy!"