Friday, 29 May 2009

Here comes Summer? Well the weather forcast is at last giving us some reason to hope that the Summer is here. We had a fantastic Australian couple stay with us for the past two weeks Mr & Mrs Hughes and the weather was awful for them - we were ashamed! Here at Happy Guests Lodge we have a full hotel at present and an exciting weekend ahead with one of the racing teams for the Oultam Park event staying with us - lets hope they win!

May has been a record month for us - so thank you to all the Guests who have stayed with us, we have also gained some great reviews on Late Rooms and through our own Guest Surveys.

So if you are looking to stay at a hotel close to Warrington, Northwich or Runcorn then Happy Guests Lodge does seem to be the place to stay right now.

Thank you also to all the people who have praised our new website at we have very much tried to be different and create a really memorable experince!

Thats all for now - speak soon!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

FREE Space - what do we mean!

The question for today is - Does Happy Guests Lodge have the biggest bedrooms of any other hotel in Northwich, Warrington, Runcorn or Frodsham?? Well my answer is - Yes We Do (to recyle the new American President!).

So if you are a hotel out there in this area prove me wrong - firstly here are my rules - all rooms must offer the same space & the price must be part of the comparison - so the real question is Does Happy Guests Lodge offer more space within every bedroom per Guest pound spent then any other hotel in the area? Now thats a challenge!!!!!!!