Monday, 23 November 2009

Website Shortlisted for National Award

We are delighted that our website has today been shortlisted for the prestigious national award of Independent Hotel website 2009 sponsored by Voting for the final winner is now taking place and it would be fantastic if we went all the way and won - thank you for your support! Please vote for us -it would be great if a small hotel such as ours could win! Thank you.

Friday, 31 July 2009

Its been a busy month for Cyclists staying at Happy Guests Lodge with our location on the A49 being an ideal stopover point for the Lands End to John O'Groats trip. Some do it on their own, others in groups, others with support riders in cars, but all arrive tied and in need of a good nights rest if they have done 50 or 125 miles that day.

I think the fact that we have big rooms enabling riders to sleep with their bikes and baths so they can soak their tired muscels and a great value evening meals menu all help - enabling them to rest eat and sleep ready to face a new day on the road!

Happy Guests Lodge is Cycle Friendly Accommodation!!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Week of Tennis & Millionaires

Well we now know that Andy Murray wont be a Wimbledon Winner this year - but well done a good try - maybe next year! We had our own brush with Tennis stardom this last week when we went to Wimbledon to watch our son Ashley Hewitt compete in Junior Wimbledon - although having won the first set, he then picked up a restrictive injury and was not able to compete fully for the second part of the match, so went out in three sets - but did well getting to the second round and beating the world num 4 Junior player on the way!

We had two lots of millionares stay with us this week - which was exciting and interesting and a famous Chef - Mark Earnden who has just won North East Best Local Business of the year - so well done to Mark!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ronaldo Leaves United in Tears

As Manchester United wave goodbye to Ronaldo why not get over the sad news and get away for a weekend break at Happy Guests Lodge near Warrington just 30 minutes drive from Old Trafford and a great place to stay!

Happy Guests??

As we never stop saying our aims are simple - to "Make our Guests Happy!" and looking at our reviews on sites such as & Laterooms, as well as our own site it would seem we are doing OK. Indeed I recently compared our Guest satisfaction ratings with the four big FOUR STAR Hotels in Warrington and ours was higher! So our Guests are getting a Four Star service for a One Star price!!
But hey there are some Guests you just cannot please no matter what you do and one is liable to check in at any time and write the review from hell - for no reason other then possibly they enjoy the power-kick of trashing you - I have seen it so beware.
When you are looking at reviews from any hotel always look for trends if one Guests said the staff were unhelpfull and all the rest say they were great then the problem is almost ceratinly with the reviewer and not the hotel!
So we work hard every day to keep our Guests Happy - but we are not perfect and sometimes we get it wrong and if we do, we go out of our way to make it right and ensure our Guests can "Stay Happy!"

Friday, 29 May 2009

Here comes Summer? Well the weather forcast is at last giving us some reason to hope that the Summer is here. We had a fantastic Australian couple stay with us for the past two weeks Mr & Mrs Hughes and the weather was awful for them - we were ashamed! Here at Happy Guests Lodge we have a full hotel at present and an exciting weekend ahead with one of the racing teams for the Oultam Park event staying with us - lets hope they win!

May has been a record month for us - so thank you to all the Guests who have stayed with us, we have also gained some great reviews on Late Rooms and through our own Guest Surveys.

So if you are looking to stay at a hotel close to Warrington, Northwich or Runcorn then Happy Guests Lodge does seem to be the place to stay right now.

Thank you also to all the people who have praised our new website at we have very much tried to be different and create a really memorable experince!

Thats all for now - speak soon!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

FREE Space - what do we mean!

The question for today is - Does Happy Guests Lodge have the biggest bedrooms of any other hotel in Northwich, Warrington, Runcorn or Frodsham?? Well my answer is - Yes We Do (to recyle the new American President!).

So if you are a hotel out there in this area prove me wrong - firstly here are my rules - all rooms must offer the same space & the price must be part of the comparison - so the real question is Does Happy Guests Lodge offer more space within every bedroom per Guest pound spent then any other hotel in the area? Now thats a challenge!!!!!!!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

At Happy Guests Lodge we are always doing price comparisons with our local competitors to ensure we are offering our Guests the very best value for money - and I am pleased to say we are!

Today I can tell you that if you booked a Double Room for tonight 30/4/09 at Happy Guests Lodge you would pay £49.95 including a Continental Breakfast, Parking and WiFi at the Warrington Travel Lodge the same deal costs £69.10 and at the Warrington South Premier Inn £80.50 - so for a four night stay you will be saving on average £100 a week!! Stay Happy Stay Happy guests Lodge!!!
A sad day yesterday as it was my Grans funeral - 96 and a really great lady who will be much missed.

Today I am hitting the roads around Warrington & Northwich with our new leaflets and invitations to our Offical Launch Party on the 15th May! lets hope it keeps dry!!!!!!!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Well all this sun made us go out and buy some plants for our hanging baskets - they had to be orange off course and we got some great plants from the local nursery - they are in and hanging as we speak - Happy Guests lodge now looks Happy and bright!!

We also have extended our WiFi sytem over this weekend so it now covers not only hot spots but most bedrooms as well and its still FREE!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Had a great afternoon today doing accounts! Yesterday however we had a drive out in the country and beyond looking at some of the competition - hotels and B&B's in Warrington Northwich Runcorn & Frodsham both the cheap ones and the more expensive ones - exciting hey!

Our new leaflets and stationery arrives tomorrow with all the new Happy Guests Lodge branding on.

Great week again full every night -thank you for your continued support creating Happy Guests that come back is what it is all about!!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sunny Days

Well the weather has gone all hot & sunny on us and business is great - the reaction to the new website has been fantastic so thank you to everyone for their positive comments. We are constantly improving things here at Happy Guests Lodge and today our new Handy man Paul has been putting in new wall lights in some of the down stairs rooms - this is on going and they look great!

Tomorrow the carpet man is here to measure up and finalise the plans for the Reception floor area - oh and the bank managers in at 11.30 - better be nice to him as he is paying for it!!

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Well here we go, Happy Guests Lodge is launched - we hope our old Guests like the new name and new logo - its a fresh new start for Tall Trees Lodge - as owners the whole process makes us both excited and nervous all at the same time.

Since we purchased the hotel, just 3 months ago, we have spent close to £20,000 on a vast range of improvements and our Guests tell us that the offer has improved considerably over this time.

So if you are looking for somewhere to stay, which is close to Warrington, Northwich, Runcorn and Frodsham then please give us a try - we have one simple aim in mind - " To keep our Guests Happy!"